Meet SOFÍ,
our advanced platform designed to deliver insurance compliance feedback almost instantly, within just 10 seconds, and remains accessible 24/7 for your convenience.
SOFÍ, knows insurance!

Our proprietary advanced algorithm, SOFÍ, rapidly analyzes vast amounts of data, compares crucial information, and detects potential issues or discrepancies, thereby ensuring unmatched efficiency and accuracy compared to today's traditional review methods. ARK greatly minimizes the need for human intervention, thereby liberating certificate reviewers (Admins) from the repetitive and laborious tasks of insurance compliance reviews.

SOFÍ's capabilities include

1. Comprehensive Acord 25 Review: SOFÍ is capable of executing detailed reviews of Acord 25, inclusive of General Liability, Automobile Liability, Umbrella Liability, Workers Compensation, Pollution Liability, and Professional Liability.

2. Compatibility with Supplemental Forms: It has been designed to effectively handle Acord 101 and other similar Acord 25 supplemental forms.

3. Specialized NYSIF Certificate Review: SOFÍ is equipped to carry out a thorough NYSIF Certificate review.

4. General Liability Endorsement and Policy Review: Our solution can efficiently review general liability endorsements and associated policies.

5. Batch COI Processing: SOFÍ is capable of reviewing multiple Certificates of Insurance (COIs) simultaneously when uploaded in a batch.

6. Policy Expiration Tracking: Our solution includes automatic tracking of policy expiration dates to ensure timely renewals.

7. Policy Sequence Arrangement: SOFÍ is designed to automatically sequence policies in order of their terms. This function ensures the creation of a comprehensive timeline that highlights compliant coverage from vendors at all times.